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4 min read

Top Cloud-Based Marketing Tools for 2021

2020 is finally coming to a close, we all know that it’s been quite the year. With many companies switching to virtual...

9 min read

Three Steps to Strategically Influencing & Navigating Your Buyer’s Decision Process

Navigating the decision process is one of the most important components of winning a new sale. To become a quota...

7 min read

How to Plan A Long Term Content Strategy

At Sales BQ® we strongly believe in creating revenue engines. This means that marketing, sales, revenue operations, and...

9 min read

Account Management: How to Grow Revenue by Keeping Your Existing Clients Happy

Being a quota crusher doesn’t stop at closing net new deals. Account managers, those who work with an existing book of...

10 min read

Advanced Questioning Skills: Mastering the 11 Types of Discovery Questions

In order to be a quota crusher, you have to know how to ask the right questions. Understanding your prospect’s problem...

32 min read

How to Map Your Sales Approach to Your Buyer’s Behavior, Driven by the 4 DiSC Personalities

What is the Behavioral Quotient?

The behavioral quotient (BQ) is a measurement of behavioral intelligence, driven by...

3 min read

How To Measure Sales Ops Success Using OKRs

The only way to measure anything sales-related is though revenue, revenue, and revenue—right?

Not quite. Revenue...

5 min read

3 Fundamentals for Building a Website that Drive Inbound Leads

When your business is struggling to generate more inbound leads, the first place to make changes should always be your...

5 min read

Inbound Lead Generation Guide

It's time to jump start your inbound marketing and lead generation. Organizations used to look for what we call a...

9 min read

Don’t Just Build a Sales Team; Build a Revenue Engine with this Inbound TOFU Strategy

While scrolling through LinkedIn, I came across this intriguing post written by Gaetano Nino DiNardi and decided it...

3 min read

Don't Stop Generating Revenue during A Crisis

COVID-19 created a world-wide crisis and is negatively impacting many businesses. It's important we don't stop working...

3 min read

Leading Sales Teams Through a Crisis

These days, it can feel like all we talk about and all we hear about is COVID-19, the “new normal,” and how all of our...

4 min read

How Sales Leaders Can Respond in a Time of Crisis

For sales leaders, there is no playbook for what we have experienced in the last two weeks. Most of us have gone from...

4 min read

An Unexpected COVID-19 Side Effect: Speechless Salespeople

3 Ways to Shift Your Sales Approach During Crisis

For the first time in recent history, salespeople (most of whom are...

5 min read

Crush Your Quotas: The 2020 Guide to Becoming a Sales Rockstar

If you're taking the time to read this guide, then I know you are ready to crush quotas. I'm Mary Grothe, CEO of Sales...

7 min read

Not for the Weak.

Written June 20, 2018
Twice recently I was invited to share my path to entrepreneurship to groups of CEOs and...
5 min read

Top 3 Skills Sales Managers Must Have

We’re all human… which means we’re all uniquely different! So why manage your sales team members the same way? Some...
2 min read

Get Fueled Up. It's Go Time.

I have the privilege of overseeing a 3 sales teams right now. As a company, we have over 10 teams we are...

5 min read

Top Networking Hacks

You’re at a networking event and someone asks “What do you do?” and you quickly answer with your title and the...

5 min read

Build Your Career In Sales: How to Find and Excel in Your Next Sales Role

You may be starting out or far into your career, but there always comes a time to find a new role. Starting new can be...

5 min read

3 Attributes of Top Sales Performers

As a former #1 and Top 10 rep, I’m often asked to share what I believe are the top attributes of high-performing...

4 min read

The Plight of the First Time Manager

I remember my very first promotion, I was 24, barely 2 years into my first job - and I was being promoted to an...

4 min read

Nike Has It Right!

A coaching client of mine has experience, intelligence, and understands and retains the sales concepts we discuss. He...

6 min read

What is BQ?

BQ, the behavioral quotient of behavioral intelligence, is the conscious decision to show up and perform every...

5 min read

5 Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

  1. Profile the prospect before the call and limit your outreaches to qualified prospects.

  2. Don’t state your full name,...

4 min read

Time Management Hacks for Top Performing Salespeople

In a previous blog, we discussed the 3 Attributes of Top Sales Performers. I’d argue that time management is easily the...

9 min read

Sales Compensation Modeling

Gone are the days of the salesman of yesteryear who wants to work commission only or at a low base salary with...

8 min read

5 Top Email Hacks for Prospecting

  1. Use the prospect’s first name in the subject line, use a meaningful sentence as the subject, and avoid capitalizing...

3 min read

Coaching Through Conversation

A sales manager should manage both the “day to day” and coach up the best performances from their team. Finding the...

4 min read

Step Up Your Game: The Complete Guide to Effective Sales Management

We’re all human… which means we’re all uniquely different! So why manage your sales team members the same way? Some are...