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Creating a Sales Engine

Mar 18, 2020 7:11:12 PM

I often talk about creating a sales engine for companies, which is a powerful and successful sales team that accentuates the strengths of each rep. It can be difficult to find one person that is a strong hunter, closer, and relationship builder. Creating a sales engine that splits the different strengths of each person into a specific roles to work together is more profitable than trying to find multiple people that can do the whole sales cycle. We have all of our reps take an Objective Management Group Assessment® (OMG). This gives us a clear idea of each reps strengths and weaknesses. From there we can fill each role with the best candidate.

The three main parts of the sales engine include: Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, and Account Manager. Each of these positions are focused on a different section of the sales cycle. When they all work together as one, they create an unbeatable team and skyrocket sales. Let’s get into each specific role and how they take part in the sales engine.

Sales Development Representative 

When looking at the OMG results we want someone who has great scores specifically in the Hunter and Qualifier sections like the results shown below. They don’t need to have great scores in closing or relationship building because these aren’t areas that they will be working in. The other reps in the sales engine will handle those steps. We look for high hunting, social selling, and qualifier scores for the SDR positions.  

 The Sales Development Representative or Business Development Representative is going to be the first part of the sales engine. They are the hunters that are going to find qualified leads. Some of their responsibilities include: 
  1. Profiling target accounts; creating database of qualified prospects

  2. Creating TOP Target list, adding to it and enhancing it weekly

  3. Prospecting via phone, email, and LinkedIn to set qualified sales appointments

Then after they set the qualified sales appointments they will pass them to the Account Executive to handle the next part of the sales cycle.


Account Executive

The next step in the sales cycle will include an account executive, inside sales representative, or outside sales representative depending on the needs of the sale. This person will not necessarily need to have great hunting skills, because that was previously completed by the SDR. However, when we are looking at the OMG results we are looking for high scores in closing, relationship building, consultative seller, selling value, qualifier, and presentation approach.

 The AE, ISR, and OSR are going to be in charge of going out and closing the business. Their main tasks include:
  1. Run effective sales meetings (needs analysis / discovery)
  2. Run effective demo (if demo required)
  3. Propose services
  4. Close / win the business

Once the prospect has been converted into a client the Account Manager takes over to build the relationship for longevity and continuous sales.


Account Manager

The third critical position to the sales engine is an Account Manager, this role can also be known as a Current Client Representative. When looking at the OMG assessment we want to find that they have strong relationship building, consultative selling, selling value, presentation approach, and sales process.


The Account Manager is going to create long lasting relationships with your clients to keep them as recurring sales. Their responsibilities include:

  1.  Manage relationships with the client, retain the business
  2. Service the clients needs / potentially support them operationally.
  3. Up-sell new client revenue.
  4. Generate referrals

Creating a sales engine will be beneficial to your company, because you will have A level talent in all stages of the sales cycle. Each step will be executed correctly and with confidence. The OMG assessment enables us to dissect each sales rep to see what areas they excel in, so that we can place them in a successful role. Now let’s turn on those engines!


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Mary Grothe

Written by Mary Grothe