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Get Fueled Up. It's Go Time.

Mar 20, 2020 10:07:05 AM

I have the privilege of overseeing a 3 sales teams right now. As a company, we have over 10 teams we are managing. That gives us the opportunity to see a lot of behavior and determine what drives results and profitability for their employers and what hinders it.

Across all the teams, one quality stands out the most. It’s the “get up and go”. It’s the early mornings, preparing for the day, and getting started before your competitors are out of bed.

As a young sales rep, I learned quickly the more I worked, the more I made, and the higher up the ranks I’d be. I set the alarm every morning at 4:45 am and was in the office by 6 am. It became a game to me to be the first one to turn on the lights in the office. I tasked myself with organizing and prioritizing my to-dos for the day and start crossing off those items quickly.

I ensured all the “non-client facing” work was done before 7 am and after 5 pm. As soon as 7 am rolled around, I was dialing. I was catching C-level execs before the gate keeper came in and could shut me down. I hit my weekly sales appointment quota before my other teammates even showed up to the office.

I was half way through my to-do list while my teammates were getting their coffee, standing around, talking about life, sports, families, and everything that was wrong with the company’s product / service and overheard countless “woe is me” stories.

I was printing off my proposals, grabbing my client testimonial sheets, and heading out the door for my first sales meeting at 9 am while my teammates were still talking about life and wondering how they were going to hit this month’s “unfair” quota.

The “get up and go” has never left me. 10 years later, as a wife, mom, and CEO, I am still up at 5 am… before anyone in my house. My to-do list is set and prioritized. I work through as much non-client facing work as possible so I can be focused and present when I get onsite with the various sales teams I get to manage and coach.

Want more sales? Want more growth? Want a better life? Get up, get fueled up, and go. 

Mary Grothe, CEO of House of Revenue™

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Mary Grothe

Written by Mary Grothe